Allergy Clinic Glasgow

GP Matters has a Doctor with qualifications and experience in the management of allergy.

Dr McAlister completed an Allergy Degree Module
through the National Respiratory Training Centre at the University of Warwick and has worked part time as an Allergy Specialist at Glasgow Yorkhill Hospital.

Allergy Clinic Glasgow


The basis for making a diagnosis of allergy is the consultation. Dr McAlister will spend around 15 minutes discussing your clinical history with you focussing on any environmental factors, pets, foods etc that may be causing your symptoms. Any triggers/allergens identified which are directly linked to the onset of symptoms, can then be tested for either by doing skin prick testing and/or taking a blood sample for an individual agent or a group of agents/profile.

Skin Prick Testing

We were the first private clinics in Scotland to provide a skin prick allergy test, which offers immediate results..

A tiny amount of the allergen is spotted onto your forearm and any reaction, usually a small blister with red ‘flare’ patch around the test area, measured. You will leave knowing your result at the end of your appointment.

We hold a stock of the most common allergens; please ask if yours is in clinic, if not we require a few days to get the test.

Skin prick testing in our clinic setting is mainly done for air-borne allergens such as grass and tree pollen, house dust mite, animal dander, fungi and moulds as well as for cow's milk protein allergy and egg.

We test and treat individuals from age 2 onwards.

Allergy Blood Testing

Like the skin prick allergy test, this method provides quality, reliable results, they just take a little longer to process – approximately two working days.

Tests are available for over 500 substances ranging from wheat to blomia tropicalis (a tropical mite) .

In addition to the wide range of individual tests, we also provide tests for groups of the more common allergens.

Allergy testing in our clinic setting is mainly done to investigate food allergies.

Preparing to visit us

It is important to stop taking oral antihistamine tablets for 72 hours prior to your appointment if you suspect you will need skin prick testing tested out.

After the test

If an allergy has been identified, we will talk to you about how to manage it. Most allergies can be dealt with by avoidance of the allergy/allergen. At the end of your consultation, you will given advice and a prescription for any medication indicated.  


We treat patients with allergic rhinitis (sneezing, congestion, watery eyes, runny nose) caused by grass pollen and tree pollen allergy with immunotherapy/desensitisation using Pollinex. This involves 4 injections spaced out by 1-2 weeks depending on response and this is done in the winter to ensure that this is done as safely as possible so there is no grass or tree pollen circulating in the atmosphere.

We also offer Oralvac which is a sublingual (under the tongue) treatment administered by the individual for the management of cat and also house dust mite allergies.

We do NOT offer Kenalog injections.


In addition to the cost of the consultation (£80) skin prick testing incurs a charge of £60.

Specific IgE blood tests for food allergies cost £40 each.

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