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Private GP services near me

We do not aim to replace your NHS GP, but to compliment your existing care with fast access to skilled approachable doctors, close to your home and place of work.

Why visit a private GP?

We have a full range of direct access GP services near you, similar to those available at your local NHS surgery, but with the flexibility to fit around your schedule.  

Avoid the waiting lists, appointments are available at short notice, Monday to Friday.

A consultation usually last 15 minutes, but you won't be rushed. Our friendly and professional GP will take the time to discuss your symptoms and concerns in detail. If you need specialist support, we can refer you quickly thanks to our extensive family of experienced consultants and health

A consultation for confidential advice and treatment options is available for a wide range of specialised private health services including:

- Private Testing and Referrals
- Ear Syringing
- Health Screening
- Annual Health Check
- Well Man Screen
- Well Woman Screen
- Chronic Illness and worries over diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and    diabetes
- Individual & Business Travel Insurance
- Medical Second Opinion
- Work Medicals / Overseas Work Medicals
- Private Prescriptions
- Sexual Health Clinic - Screening, STI / STD Testing
- HIV Testing & Screening
- Cervical Smear Test
- Travel Clinic - Travel Health Advice & Medication
- Allergy Clinic / Hay Fever Injections
- Vaccinations & Immunisations - HPV , Shingles, MMR, Meningitis B,                      Chickenpox, BCG, etc
- Winter / Seasonal Flu Vaccination
- Vitamin B12 Injections
- Cosmetic Treatments - Botox and Dermal Fillers, Hyperhidrosis, Botox for          migraines

There is NO need to de-register from your NHS GP!

Private GP Services are complimentary to that provided by your NHS practitioner. A lot of people use a private GP to reduce the time to see a specialist . Dr Carole McAlister can refer you to the Nuffield Hospital or Ross Hall Hospital both of which are conveniently located near our clinic. We often work with your current NHS GP and share information to help get a complete picture of your health and in the future there is no problem going back to the NHS.
Our medical services are designed to help you and your family get to the root of any health problems as quickly as possible and to help you find solutions suitable for you. We actually save our patients time and expense by avoiding unnecessary investigations. Often we will see patients who think they need investigations carried out, but by spending time on the problem we can put their mind at ease and save them the expense of unnecessary investigations. 

Easy to get to
Central Glasgow location, easily reached by public transport.

Experienced doctor / Established Clinic
Our GP is highly experienced and have treated patients in both NHS surgeries and private clinics.
Our Doctor is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). This organisation is responsible for ensuring patient safety and setting standards of GP care in the UK.
Our Clinic is registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland -
This organisation is currently responsible for regulating independent clinics in Scotland.
During our last inspection we have received the highest rating and graded as "Exceptional" for Patient Care.

How do I book a private GP appointment?
Call 0141 339 0894 to book a GP appointment or to find out more about the service. You can also send us an email to and we'll get in touch with you.


A private prescription from GP Matters offers a quick and easy way to get the medication you need, especially away from home travelling, or on business.

We can provide you with a replacement prescription:

If you need replacement medication

If you are on holiday and forgotten or lost your medicine

We can also advise you on the supply of medication for chronic conditions and provide you with the appropriate prescriptions where feasible

How it Works

If you need a private prescription you:

Book a consultation with one of our GPs
The GP will assess your requirements and issue a prescription ( if it is clinically appropriate) for you to take to any pharmacy.


When you are issued a prescription as part of a consultation, there will be no additional charge
Prescriptions outwith appointments for regular patients are £20 each. Pharmacist’s fees vary for prescribed medications, these are outwith the control of GP Matters.


We can issue referral letters quickly, helping you get to the next stage of your treatment or assessment as soon as possible.

While going through your regular GP could take weeks, we can send out detailed referral letters within minutes after your consultation ends.

How it Works 
If you think you’ve got a medical issue that needs specialist attention:

Book an appointment

The GP will discuss your history, symptoms and expectations/needs 

The decision to refer you to a specialist will be made as part of a consultation.
Where necessary (and only with your permission) we will liaise with your NHS GP

Price : £50.00 (per referral)

Private Doctor Glasgow

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